Here is the review of the best applications for SMS. We also offer address book facility, so that you can store all your friends and family's mobile numbers and just by typing few words, you can retrieve just like what you do while sending SMS on your mobile.

This is really a nice fast-loading site with Ajax touch. It offers address book as well as reminder facility. It also comes with predefined quick SMS templates. It sends the message within few seconds. It allows the users to send message up to 95 characters and they append an ad to the message sent using the rest of 65 characters. That is why, they chose SMSKWIK as their site's name. 160 characters shared by user and the site.

We also offer features like address book and alerts. By using alerts, you can set reminders to be sent to your mobile. You can separate the alerts into three different predefined sections Birthday Alerts, Reminders, and Anniversary Alerts. You can also create groups and send message at one click via web access or by sending from your mobile to a designated SMSKWIK member, which is available in the section >Contacts>My Groups. .

Send bulk SMS text messages from your PC to any cell / mobile phone. SMSKWIK is a unique service that puts you in direct contact with your clients, colleagues, dispatch units, sales reps, suppliers or even your friends using mobile text messaging .

Using only your internet browser, you can simultaneously messages to large amounts of people in an instant right into the palm of their hand - wherever they are. No more time consuming and expensive telephone calls or mail outs. .

Sending Free and Instant Short Messages to the Cell phones in India from any where in the world. We are providing a web based interface by which one can send Free sms to India,for all the supported mobile networks, absolutely FREE of cost. We are the pioneer, First web based free sms service provider in India. .

Text messages are sent and received on your mobile phone or cellphone. They use a technology called Short Message Service, and so are often called SMS for short. Sending text messages is one of the fastest ways to stay in touch with friends and family. But it quite often costs money to send texts using your phone. That's where SMSKWIK comes in... .

A free text messaging service that allows its members to text message one person, or groups of people on their wireless devices.Registration is required. You also need to have a valid mobile phone number to get the validation code. .